Some Of The Fantastic Animals You Can Experience In Thailand

Thailand is a firm favourite with many holidaymakers, and millions of people flock to the Land of Smiles each year to enjoy a tropical holiday. However, there is much more on offer than beautiful beaches, friendly people, and deliciously spicy Thai food, and if you are an animal lover, it can be a paradise. There are many animals you can see and learn about when visiting Thailand, and some of the best options are listed below.


The elephant is the national animal of Thailand, and it is a waste travelling to the country without experiencing these majestic animals. When visiting these fascinating animals, you will want to choose an elephant conservation center; Thailand has lots of options available and see the elephants in as natural surroundings as possible. You will learn about the elephants and how they live, get to feed these behemoths, and watch them play in the water as you bathe them.


The tiger is another animal native to Thailand that you may want to experience when visiting the Land of Smiles. There are various tiger sanctuaries and national parks throughout the country you can visit. However, the quality of these sanctuaries can vary greatly, so you need to do research before selecting which one to go to visit. You may also see them in the wild if you are lucky, and several national parks in the country have populations of wild tigers, although sightings are becoming increasingly rare.

Tropical Fish & Other Wildlife

You can also experience natural wildlife for the cost of a mask and snorkel and explore the waters off the coast. You will see many fishes and other wildlife in the waters, including sharks, turtles, dolphins, and manta rays. Exploring the wildlife in the sea is an excellent way to explore Thailand and give you an appreciation for the abundance of wildlife the country enjoys.


Gibbons are an endangered species that is native to south and southeast Asia, and many of the 21 species of gibbon are native to Thailand. They are becoming increasingly rare to spot in the wild, so you may need to visit one of the sanctuaries or zoos which care for them. You can tell when these fascinating primates are close by due to their distinctive calls, and they are one of the most acrobatic primates of them all. There are many sanctuaries throughout the country providing care and homes to these endangered primates. Visiting these is an excellent way to support them and ensure they do not become extinct.