Top 5 foods to try in Italy’s international kitchen

Traveling to Italy and deciding what to eat would be an immature thing to think. It is because Italy is one place where food is beyond people’s expectations and imagination. Not just the taste, but also the presentation of every recipe is unique. In every restaurant of Italy you will see a different menu to serve you. That’s not all, if the thought of what you should eat in Italy lurks your mind, don’t be stressed, we will help you.

In this article, we shall help you with some of the most delicious and appreciated dishes of Italy. We bet after reading this article, you are straight rushing to the restaurant looking for these foods.

Top 5 foods to try in Italy’s international kitchen:

  1. Pizza:

Going to Italy and not having the authentic pizza would be a loss. In fact some restaurants even let you cook the pizza bases with them so that you learn how pizza is made. The aroma of pizza is irresistible and that’s one reason why people travel to Italy all the way to taste the most desired Italian pizza.

  1. Lasagna:

You may have tasted Lasagna, have you ever tried cooking it? Cook and eat your own lasagne in Italy. There are chefs who take the pleasure to teach Italian recipes to their tourists. We bet, Italy offers the finest cooking and dining experience.

  1. Polenta:

Many people relate Polenta with pasta but there are sight differences between the two. It is one of the staple diets of Italy. Polenta is accompanied to a varied variety if meats and stewed meats. In places like Venice and Turin, Polenta is served as a mush or fried into fritters.

  1. Risotto:

Explore the restaurants that serve you the most authentic Risotto. Although Italians are not heavy rice eaters, Risotto is one dish they don’t want to miss. The classic version or Risotto includes pancetta, peas, and cuttlefish.

  1. Truffles:

Truffles are available in two forms in Italy, the one that is aromatic and another that is rare. Both are authentic dishes of Italy. If this is the first time you will be tasting truffles in Italy, we suggest you take with pasta. Truffles are generally sprinkled over steaks, meat, omelettes, and pasta.

Do you wish to learn some of the best dishes of Italy from the international kitchen, get in touch with your travel company and find out more about food tours in Italy.