Add Saigon to Your South Asia Holiday Destinations

Vietnam is a unique country in the world. It is both an ancient and modern culture that various historical events have moulded. Through it all, the Vietnamese have kept their character and determination. Roaming through Vietnam can seem like time traveling as there are so many modern conveniences among some very ancient sites. In the south of the country is Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon. It is Vietnam’s most modern city and a wonderful place to experience something new.

  • Great Hotels: One thing that people love is the hotels in Saigon, Vietnam. There is a great variety of locations, and there is a remarkable quality in these hotels that makes them uniquely Vietnamese, even though there is an excellent variety of designs. It is the mixture of old and new that keeps everything interesting and fresh. It can feel like being in a quaint Southeast Asia guest house even though modern designs and infrastructure surround you. It is not the buildings. But the character of the people that is so refreshing
  • Attractions: Saigon has a lot of attractions. Due to its famous war against the colonial powers, there are many reminders of that tumultuous period. The Vietnamese are proud of their resistance, and several attractions show it. Like the Chu Chi tunnels that were used for guerrilla warfare. Or the War Remnants Museum, where you can go to get a unique perspective on the war. Inside the city, there are plenty of things to see and do. But make sure you make a stop at the Binh Tay Market, the various temples, and even a cathedral.
  • Food: You likely already know that Vietnamese food is world-famous. When you visit Saigon, don’t just stick with what you know. The city is filled with wonderful options and some world-class street food. Let your taste buds decide and not your eyes because you will likely be unfamiliar with many items.
  • Scenery: Wherever you go in Vietnam, you will find the scenery, and usually the weather, is most agreeable. Tours into the country reward you with numerous photo opportunities. Make sure you get up early to watch the city come to life. Special treats await the early bird.

Vietnam is quickly becoming a favourite destination in Southeast Asia. This country makes no excuses and has a good understanding of who they are. This is not a cookie-cutter destination; instead, it is a unique and wonderful country with a rich heritage and lovely people too.